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22. 2. 2010 | | Zprávy ze školy

… at school. Hopefully you have passed your exams and you are not scared of
the crowded halls now. If you are wondering about English at this place, it is
because of the main topic in the new Studentský list. Almost every student of
VŠE is supposed to speak English. So I have decided to stick to the issue and
try it.

The goal of the topic “Students of VŠE and English“ is to present the
opportunities offered by the school to improve language skills, introduce study
programmes of English, mention possibilities out of school and, present the
outcome of a discussion with an HR specialist and a foreign teacher about their
experiences with Czech students. All the information you can find in the new
Studentský list.

When I was talking to the representatives of the English department, we
discussed the aim of English classes; the goal is to prepare students for
Business English exams. I agree with the concept, but I really wish I had
more exposure to”common“English at school. As of now students must do other
activities to maintain their level. A few weeks ago I was in Italy, trying to
explain over and over again to doctors on a ski slope, in an ambulance and at a
hospital, what had happened to my brother. As I was trying to explain where it
hurt and what he felt, I was having trouble with basic words such as ankle,
vomit or stomach, because I hadn’t used them since my graduation. Sure,
business English is useful for a future career, but when my brother almost kills
himself again in a foreign country, I doubt my stock market vocabulary will
help save him.

Enjoy the new Studentský list!

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