Soutěžte o lístky na fotbalové utkání FK Dukla Praha vs. AC Sparta Praha

15. 4. 2014 | | Sport titulní obrázek

Jose Antonio Romera nám v rozhovoru odpověděl na otázky ohledně jeho
fotbalové kariéry, jak se mu líbí v Praze a i v Dukle. Také zájemci
mohou soutěžit do pátku o lístky na utkání Dukla vs. Sparta. Odpovězte
na otázku: Kdo je trenérem FK Dukla Praha? Odpovědi zasílejte na:

Do you speak Czech or English with your team mates?

In the pitch, playing football, I speak with them in Czech. I think it is
the easiest way for everybody. When I am in the locker room I usually speak in
English because it’s easier for me to keep a conversation than in Czech. But
there are mates who don’t speak English so with them I speak Czech.

Which first words did you learn in Czech?

I’m not sure about the first words that I learnt, but I believe that it
was: ano, ne, dobrý den, ahoj, na shledanou, výborný. And of course my team
mates teach me the worst words in czech language, and I teach them the worst
words in spanish language, I believe that is the best way to learn a language,

Why did you choose Dukla Prague or the Czech republic as your
football club?

Well, I was playing in Spain in second B division and for me to play in
first division here in the Czech Republic was a great oportunity to improve my
career. My manager got me to a trial in Dukla Praha for a few days. After the
coach told me he wanted me to stay in the team, I came back to Spain to take
all my stuff and moved here to Prague.

What do you like most in Prague?

The first time I saw the city I was impressed by all the beautiful streets,
buildings and monuments which are in Prague. After two years my favourite places
are walking on the Charle’s bridge and the Staroměstské square.

How did you start with professional football career?

My football career started when I was six years old because I started
playing for the team in my village. But it became professional career when
I signed my first professional contract with Levante UD when I was sixteen.
I was playing there three years, the last year in the second team of Levante in
second B division. In Spain the B division is a professional division unlike
here where it is an amateur division.

Sparta is your next opponent. Are you looking forward to
this match?

Absolutely, the matches against Sparta Praha are the most I like to play,
there is always a great atmosphere in the stadium, and we play against one of
the best teams in the Czech Republic, with many fantastic players. Sparta is an
important and reputable club in Europe, I like that kind of challenges

Is there some Czech club what would you to play for?

There are many important clubs in the Czech Republic that any player would
like to play for, but I am happy in Dukla and very grateful to them. I’m just
focusing on doing a great season with Dukla and finishing the highest possible
in the Gambrinus League.

Are you satisfied in Dukla? What do think about
that club?

I think despite its famous history it’s a young club that is growing up
each year and if they keep working like they’re now, they can achieve great
results in a few years and Dukla could be fighting with top teams in the

What is your football dream?

Well, like spanish, my dream is to play football in first division there. I’m
from Valencia and have been a Valencia fan my whole life, so my dream have
always been to play football in Valencia CF.

Zájemci mohou vyhrát lístky na fotbalové utkání FK Dukla Praha
vs. AC Sparta Praha po zodpovězení otázky: Kdo je trenérem FK Dukla Praha?
Odpověďi zasílejte do pátku.

Foto: archiv FK Dukla Praha


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